Craig Anderton is working on a series of next generation pedals!

At Musikmesse I met Craig Anderton, a well-known musician, producer, Editor-in-Chief on Harmony Central,...

But he is also the designer of the Seamoon Funk Machine, Tube Sound Fuzz (on which the Way Huge Red Llama and a lot of other pedals are based), Quadrafuzz,... and wrote a lot of DIY articles and books.

Craig told me about a series of analog next generation pedals he's working on and when he says that it's not just marketing talk. It really means something: he knows more about guitar effects and electronics than most of us and has a lot of realizations to prove it. Plus he told me some details I can't talk about, but which make me very eager to try them!

I asked Craig to tell you directly what he wants to share with the rest of the world:

Craig Anderton about this new project (video)

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