The winners are...

Giveaway sponsored by Crush The Button

David Brown wins the Wee Beaver Fuzz!

Crush The Button, the big online shop of boutique pedals and accessories from Belgium (where this site is made as well) has a new site and is giving away 5 pedals (to begin with). For some of those pedals this is the only way to get them: they are unique!

  1. Neunaber Stereo Wet Reverb
  2. Stone Deaf Fx: An exclusive Chrome version of the PDF-1 Parametric Distortion Filter. Only two were ever made, one for Crush The Button and one for What's the dude play.
  3. Seppuku Astral Fuzz: A One off fuzz only made for this giveaway
  4. Wampler Crush: Brian Wampler is makin' a special batch of fx for Crush... only 100 will be made!
  5. Gamin'3 LIC: custom made for our giveaway and based on the Push UP boost

There are 4 ways to participate, each way gives you 1 chance to win:

  1. Subscribe to the Crush the Button newsletter (on their website)
  2. Like Crush The Button on Facebook
  3. Like Effects Database on Facebook
  4. Follow Effects Database on Twitter

Thanks to Chris from El Musico Loco you can win 1 of 2 Wee Bear fuzz pedals signed by Mark and Steve of Mudhoney, who used these pedals on a little tour earlier this year.

All you have to do is like Effects Database on Facebook and share (not just like) this post.

You can also enter to win the second one by liking our friends from What's That Dude Play? on Facebook and share their post as well.

Update December 6: The winners!!!

  1. Guilherme won the Neunaber Stereo Wet Reverb by following FXDB @ Twitter
  2. Michael Lawrence won the Gamin'3 L.I.C. (Last in Chain) by liking FXDB @ Facebook
  3. Pieter Jan Maetens won the Sepukku Astralfuzz by liking Crush The Button @ Facebook
  4. Fabian Schlupp won the Wampler Orange Crush Limited Edition by liking Crush The Button @ Facebook
  5. Philippe Colin won the StoneDeadFx PFD 1 Chrome by subscribing to the Crush The Button newsletter.

Update December 1: the winner!!!

The winner is David Brown

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