Lovetone designer sells 3 of his own cherry-picked Lovetone pedals

Lovetone designer Dan Coggins is auctioning 3 of his cherry-picked Lovetone pedals at VEMIA!

Lovetone Ringstinger

Designer Dan Coggins' very own Lovetone “Ring Stinger” s/no 0302, circa year 2000 Ring Modulator/Octave Fuzz. Recently serviced and tested by Dan. Warranted for 3 months from despatch. An original manual and “Light Jack” will be included. Plus certificate of providence / authenticity / cherry picked ownership / autograph(!).

Dan: 'I would say condition of the pedal itself is near mint whereas the packaging is more like VG+/Ex condition. Actually after cleaning and looking closely, the pedal is actually mint.'

VEMIA note: Any example of this pedal is extremely sought-after, but to get Dan's own cherry-picked model is an extra bonus. In hand-making items there is always going to be one that sounds just that bit better than all the rest, and Dan and Vlad will have definitely competed to keep the best one for themselves.

Lovetone ? Flanger

Lovetone designer Dan Coggins' cherry-picked Stereo Flanger (?/ Question Mark/ “Flange with no name”) - s/n 0010 – stereo flanger/chorus/vibrato/pseudo-monosynth with voltage controllable delay via external pedal input and syncable l.f. oscillator via trig/gate input. Triangle and square wave modulation. Mono and Stereo modes. FX Loop in delay path for inserting digital or tape delays for ultra-sci fi effects. Amplitude phase modulation of straight path synced to LFO as well as reversible harmonics and feedback on controls.

Pedal near-mint with two Velcro straps on underside - Dan is loathe to remove this, so has put a piece of ridged rubber cut to size inside the box so that if the customer wishes, they can peel off the velcro and retrofit this Lovetone-style black rubber mat using, eg., double-sided carpet tape. Manual and setting sheets mint. Dan has made a new lightjack for this as an extra, and also made up a battery clip / 2.1mm DC plug so that the flanger can be used with a PP3 on the fly - it is pretty power-hungry, so wasn't battery powered as standard. Packaging VG but not near mint - some scribbles and sellotape/wear.

Dan will sign the box and include a letter of provenance.

Lovetone Wobulator

Lovetone designer Dan Coggins' own Wobulator, chosen because it sounded the best of the run to him. Here's what he says: 'Wobulator s/n 0260 – dual stereo tremolo / panner / vibrato with syncable l.f. oscillator via pedal input. Triangle and square wave modulation. This is the black and green “Mk 2 “ version with right-channel phase-reverse slide switch and (closer to than on the “Mk 1”) unity gain throughout. Pedal mint, packaging and manual near mint. Connecting one of these to a pair of widely physically spaced guitar amps gives a sound that makes 3D seem dull!'

Power supply note note from Dan

All except the ?Flanger work with either a 9V battery PP3 style or an external dc supply. All require a between 9 and 12 V (maximum) DC supply. Connectivity is on a 2.1*5.4mm Japanese DC barrel style connector from a wall-wart type supply preferably regulated and smoothed, with at least 300mA current capability. A “One-Spot” or similar FX pedal supply would work fine. The Boss ACA puts out a few too many volts as it’s unregulated but the PSA may be ok. The important thing is that the raw voltage coming out of the supply does not exceed 12 volts dc by much at all. I used to use a Uniross 1200R heavy duty supply in the past, bought from Maplin and or JPR electronics. All except the ?Flanger have an integral 9-volt battery holder and the ?Flanger only works via the DC supply connector socket – so that’s why Lovetone included a PP3 type battery connector to allow people to at least try the thing on arrival and for short periods without an external mains-borne supply.

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