Happy birthday What's That Dude Play?!

A happy 3rd birthday to my friends at What's That Dude Play?!!!

Coinciding with this event they also updated their site to version 2.0. The major changes are:

  • A whole new front page: the blog roll has been replaced by a splash page where you have direct access to a lot of content:

    • Cool articles or interviews, which can be highlighted longer now.
    • Recent videos from the WTDP YouTube channel
    • The newest episode of the podcast
    • The most recent stories.
    • Upcoming events from the music and effects business
    • WTDP merchandize: you can now buy one of the cool T-shirts (I already have mine, what are YOU waiting for?)

  • New color scheme: white on black now for better readability.

  • New section for the Rig Repository entries (they used to be in the Interviews and At The Gig sections)

Have a look at WTDP 2.0 now!

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