Fat Tone Guitars announces EffectsLounge

EffectsLounge.com, A Community Website Targeted At Electric Guitar Players, Launches Open Beta

Northbrook, IL – April 12, 2011 - Fat Tone Guitars has launched a new website: EffectsLounge.com (FXL). FXL is an online community developed for guitar players, by guitar players. FXL offers users the innovative Build Your Board (BYB) App that allows players to build their own virtual pedalboards and share them across social media. This easy-to-use app enables musicians to explore, create and redefine their sound by dragging and dropping effect pedals from FXL’s extensive pedal database onto a BYB virtual pedalboard.

FXL users can edit and comment on their own pedalboards, and comment and rate other users’ pedalboards. New must-have pedals are continually added to FXL’s database. The website showcases pedalboards of the hottest players, so that FXL users can emulate the sounds of their favorite musicians.

“Guitar players love to show their pedalboards to other guitarists” said Phil Vickman, Co-Founder of FXL. “It’s about pedalboard show and tell. There’s a reason why there are so many huge discussion threads on pedalboards all across the web.”

“We wanted to be able not only to build our pedalboard, but to share it with others and I couldn’t find a site that did that. So we built it.” said Seth Dobbs, Co-Founder of FXL. “EffectsLounge.Com is a virtual showcase of guitar effects and tone.”

In addition to BYB, FXL will provide community functionality such as a blog, Twitter feed and soon to be released community forums. Effectslounge.com is the website that guitar players have been waiting for.

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