Charity auction: Supafuzz clone built by Melx for BBC Children in Need

Supafuzz Tonebender II Melx Pigeon FX Children in Need

This pedal started life as a Pigeon FX kit (which you might have seen on ebay already), and was build up using parts donated by various online bloggers and friends, and it sounds pretty awesome.. if even starts to self-oscillate with the gain maxed out!!

  • NOS parts including 3x AC128 germanium transistors
  • The case was painted by Melx and features an exclusive 'blue lilac green purple glitter pudsey spots more purple glitter finish' never to be repeated!!
  • Case Donated by IvIark of Guitar Effects Layouts Blog
  • Footswitch Donated by Kev of Effect Extra Blog
  • Paint Donated by Melx of Adventures in Effectors Blog
  • Knobs Donated by Vintage SG Copy Guitar





More about this pedal at Melx: Adventures in Effectors and the auction on eBay

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