The summer holidays are over: new pedals!

The summer holidays are over and several new products were released or announced:
  • Boss released a new pedal in their twin pedal series, the VE-20 Vocal Performer
  • Blackout Effectos released the Twosome Dual Fuzz
  • Catalinbread released the SFT Overdrive
  • Roger Mayer released the Metalloid Dual Band HDD
  • MI Audio revealed they are working on several new pedals:
    • Compressor: just been prototyped (its got something special in the circuit that many guitarists request a lot in a compressor but never can get)
    • Tremolo: about to be prototyped but this one is pretty exciting. Again this one will have more than a couple of unique tricks that will definitely please.
    • Buffer: A straight up knobless, switchless buffer that is of quality design and extremely affordable.
    • Para Eq: This is a revision of the Para EQ showcased at NAMM 08.
    • High Gain Pedal: Basically this one is the preamp out of a series of high gains amps Michael has designed, so it will come with a 12AX7 built into the circuit.

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