Visit to the Electro-Harmony factory!

I just came back from a short trip to New York, where I visited the Electro-Harmonix factory!

Mike Matthews was also there, but I forgot to take a picture (I was very tired when I left for NY and the long flight didn't help :)). As I'm from Belgium he told me how he signed the first deals with the bosses of Sovtek in Brussels and how they went to a restaurant in the "Rues des Bouchers" ("the street with all the fish").

In the Sales room there was some interesting older and vintage gear, like these amps, a Super Space Drum prototype and an acoustic EH guitar (like the one at EH man's Electro-Harmonix Extravaganza).

Sovtek & Freedom

Sovtek amps

Freedom amp

Super Space Drum

The factory itself is one big space divided into different areas with stocks of pedals and parts in between. Everything happens here: from printing the boxes, putting the circuits in to packaging. Some of the complex (digital) circuits are made elsewhere and put into the pedals here, others are also made here.

screen printing


almost finished!

The most interesting parts for me were the "Zoo" (the room where they work on the new pedals) and the corner with the R&D department. They also check some of the vintage pedals sometimes, to search for the differences with the reissues. That's why a new Big Muff sounds better than a model that was made a few years ago, they listen to their customers and they really want the new pedals to sound as good as the vintage ones. The keyboard in one of the pictures used to be one of Mike's.


The "Zoo"

More "Zoo"

Of the new pedals I only saw the Memory Boy (I was not allowed to take pictures of the final look, but here are some prototypes) and the Riddle Q-Balls, but I also saw 2 longtime factory pets: 2 cockatoos who were the model for the graphics on the Screaming Bird Treble Booster.

Memory Boy

Riddle: Q-Balls

Screaming Bird

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