Update: Rare & Wanted on eBay

I replaced the eBay ads on the right by my own ranking of ongoing auctions, based on their popularity and rarity. I'm still working on my formulas, but I think they're already quite good (as I found some interesting stuff myself while testing ;)).

The ads are related to the page they're on:

  • on category pages you'll see items from that category.
  • on item pages you'll see items that are in the same categories.
  • on the front page (and below the related items on other pages) you'll see the most interesting items of all categories.

Buy It Now auctions are included if they were checked and still active less than 12 hours ago.

I don't hide auctions (even when I'm bidding) and I can't add auctions to those sidebars manually (don't ask). However, if something REALLY should be there (NOT because YOU are selling it), I'd like to hear that because I might have to check my formulas and queries.

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