Z. Vex Vextron Mastotron



Announcement by Zachary Vex

This new silicon fuzz, the Mastotron, will be at the 2009 NAMM show, and will go into production shortly afterward. I expect to ship them in late April. Like nothing you've ever heard before, this unit is not crazy like the fuzz factory, but allows subtle adjustments to a basic very heavy subby fuzz that works well on guitar, bass, keyboards and recorded tracks. Because it has the "push/relax" knob, you can easily adjust the input impedance from the front panel of the unit, allowing you to adjust the way the fuzz reacts to your playing style. The 3-position subs switch lets the user set how much sub content comes out of the pedal... the widely-variable fuzz control coupled with the tone control and pulse-width control give you amazing control over the detail of the waveshape, sustain, attack, decay and texture of the fuzz.

The "Vextron" series will include two pedals to be shown at 2009 Winter NAMM. This is the lowest-priced Z.Vex Effects series, with simpler graphics, painted instead of the Vexter Series hand-polished boxes, and one silk-screen layer instead of many. It also features a new lower-cost black 3pdt switch which is as durable and reliable as the standard blue 3pdt stomp switch we use in most of our products.

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