Z. Vex Octane 3


  • In (Right)
    controls input (drive) level. Use just enough for fun but not too much if you need less noise during quiet spots.
  • Out (Left)
    controls the output level
  • Tone
    Turn to right for mid scoop tone (mellow)... to left for more mids (aggressive).



Remember the late Sixties? Jimi turning everyone on to wild fuzz stuff?

Maybe not. But you don't have to be old enough to be a hippie to get off on this wild pedal. The circuit uses a combination of germanium diode and transistor fuzz generation and a ring modulator to turn simple chords into nutso note combinations and complex chords into incredible noise...and makes solos soar impossibly high.

Zachary Vex

I give to you the re-release of the Octane (tm), my very first pedal creation from 6 years ago, with LED on/off indicator, true-bypass, and the same cruel audio circuit and sound as the original madcap pedal. It's now called the Octane 3, because I burned out the Octane 2 name on a quick re-release immediately after I stopped making the original Octane about 4 years ago. Don't ask.

This pedal is an octave-up generator with massive fuzz and mid-cut filter (turn the tone knob to the right to see what I mean.) They say that the Octane 3 makes a guitar player seem sexier. I don't know who this "they" is, but they're right, as usual.

Z. Vex about the difference with the Octane and Octane 2 pedals

The newest Octane has the exact same audio circuit as the older ones, but has a special LED switching system that preserves the true-bypass while adding an LED on/off indicator. Also, this switching system silences the pedal's circuitry while it is in the "off" mode so it doesn't squeal or hiss in the background. Finally, there are two improvements to reduce radio reception, which was a serious problem with the older designs, and the main reason why I discontinued the pedal in the first place. In some cities, the older octanes picked up radio louder than the guitar!

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