Z. Vex Octane 2


  • In (Right)
    controls input (drive) level. Use just enough for fun but not too much if you need less noise during quiet spots.
  • Out (Left)
    controls the output level
  • Tone
    Turn to right for mid scoop tone (mellow)... to left for more mids (aggressive).


the Octane 2 was actually just a reissue of the first Octane, there are no differences.


Remember the late Sixties? Jimi turning everyone on to wild fuzz stuff?

Maybe not. But you don't have to be old enough to be a hippie to get off on this wild pedal. The circuit uses a combination of germanium diode and transistor fuzz generation and a ring modulator to turn simple chords into nutso note combinations and complex chords into incredible noise...and makes solos soar impossibly high.

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