Z. Vex Fuzz Factory 7



A new Fuzz Factory (prototype is labeled "FF7") with 7 knobs instead of 5?

Z. Vex (press release, July 11, 2013)

The Fuzz Factory 7 is a new version of the Fuzz Factory with 7 knobs and two stomp switches. The new knobs are a fatness switch that has 9 positions with 9 levels of sub depth allowing the user to completely control the oscillation range and bass content of the fuzz signal, tailoring it for the bass response of their rig. The second stomp switch turns off and on a new tone knob which cuts the treble of the FF7's output, causing it to become more mellow when engaged. It’s very similar to a tone control in a guitar, and will allow the user to keep the FF7 on for more mellow passages, keeping a similar but mellower texture. The FF7 comes in a larger box with a vertical form factor and has a window with illuminated hand-painted black glass transistors from 1956, made originally by Amperex. These are some of the most exciting transistors we’ve ever used in any Fuzz Factory!

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