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The On Timer Pedal Is A Clock/ Timer/ Stopwatch Pedal Designed For Musicians.

The On Timer pedal is designed to keep you on time. The On Timer features two bright LED time display screens. The top LED time display always shows the time of day, while the bottom LED can display a countdown timer, finish time timer, or stopwatch. This pedal is controlled by two “soft touch” footswitches.


The top LED time display always shows the current time.


Users can program their setlist time with the Countdown timer. If your band has a 45 minute time slot, you program 45 minutes as the Countdown value. Users can program the Countdown time well ahead of their shows. When it is time to perform, a simple tap of the right footswitch will start the countdown timer in the bottom LED time display. If your set is interrupted and you need to pause the Countdown timer, a quick tap of the right footswitch will pause the countdown. To restart the countdown timer, another single tap of the right footswitch will restart the timer. From one interface you can see both the current time of day, and the remaining time in your set.

Do you want a heads up if you are nearing the end of your set? Countdown has a Warning function that can be enabled. You can program a heads up – warning time at any interval. For example if you have programmed a 45 minute Countdown time (your setlist), and programmed a 5 minute Warning. When the countdown value hits 5 minutes, the bottom display will start to flash as a visual heads up.

Finish Time

Finish Time is the second countdown timer function of the pedal. Finish Time calculates a countdown time based off of a firm end-time that you program. The first step is to program your Finish Time. When you are ready to start your set, the pedal makes a calculation based off of the current time and starts a countdown timer based off of your programmed end time.

For example, your band needs to be done at 9:30. You would program 9:30 in as your Finish Time prior to starting your gig. You are supposed to start playing at 8:30, but for some reason you don’t start playing until 8:38. When you start your set you depress the right footswitch and the pedal makes quick calculation and starts a 52 minute countdown timer.

A single tap of the right footswitch will pause the Finish Time countdown. To restart the timer, you would single tap the right footswitch again. Since the Finish Time timer is based on a firm end time, the pedal would do a fast catch up to the actual time left in your set - based on the current time.Like in Countdown Timer, the Warning (heads up) flashing function can be enabled at any time interval when using the Finish Time countdown.

Robust Design

The On TIMER pedal is encased in a powder coated diecast aluminum enclosure with two bright LED displays. The enclosure measures 4.67" x 3.68" x 1.18".

Bright LED Time Displays

The LED time displays on the pedal are bright. They are designed to be seen in daylight or in dimmer settings like a dark stage. If the LED time displays are too bright, a single tap of the left footswitch will dim the LED displays.


The On TIMER utilizes an internal 9V DC battery or external AC power supply.  The preferred power source is an external AC power supply.  The AC power requirements are a standard regulated 9-volt AC power supply with a negative center 2.1mm barrel connection.  The current draw is approximately 600ma.

Patent Pending

USPTO Patent Pending # 62086692

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