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The Zorgtaver has been designed to achieve a fat and acid sound. It can also generate smooth classic analog octaves, raw and saturated or 8 bits sounds, and be pretty aggressive.

It allows to mix and filter several octaves generated by analog devices and experiment different sounds. The Zorgtaver is the best friend of the Love Philter. Put a Love Philter after it and you get very funny results.

The Zorgtaver works with all instruments: bass, guitar, keyboards, flute...

The Zorgtaver is 100% analog. Thus it can produce bad triggering on the lower frequencies. Keep in mind that it works better with a clean neck pickup sound on a string instrument. But a pot has been added to fit the zorgtaver to your instrument output level.

Finally an effect loop is available, it allows you to add octaves to something else than your clean neck sound, for example your preferred fuzz. Drawback: your fuzz will only be available with the zorgtaver on.

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