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It's simply a pedal to do:

  • Either a tremoloOo_oOo_oOo_oOo_oOo_oOo_oOo_oOo_oOo_oOo_oOo_oOo_oOo_oOo_oOo_oOo_oOo.
  • Or a trémolOO__OO__OO__OO__OO__OO__OO__OO__OO__OO__OO__OO__OO__OO__OO__OO.

But it has to be done nicely.

That's why the Zorglonde has been built with a vintage tone that will wonderfully color your sound.

It has two waveshape types, sine and square, and allows a very wide range of rates (From 1Hz to 16Hz, or 60bpm to 960bpm). The sine waveshape is based on tube bias tremolos from tube amps. It produces a sweet and colorful tremolo. The square waveshape is harsher and more of an optical tremolo with less color.

And last, the rate of your tremolo can be swept with an expression pedal, allowing psyche or dub effects.

The Zorglonde is available in two versions: Normal and Extended. The Extended version gives a rate range from 1Hz to 16Hz, which is great for slow tremolos, and more sensible on fast rates. The Normal is easier to tune in fast rates, but the range is only from 2Hz to 12Hz (Vintage tremolos rate range being around 3Hz to 8Hz).

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