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Violent, brutal, raw, extreme, thunder, aggressive sounding. This is the purpose of the MetalFe(s)t!!!

The MetalFe(s)t is built around a five stage FET distortion, for natural tube-like sounds with lots of dynamics, followed by an active Eq for extreme sounds tweaking. From 80's hard rock to modern "crum-crum", the MetalFe(s)t can do it all, and more!

The pedal has a lot of gain. But still, it can sound very big at low gain depending on the Eq's settings. Plus with its two gain controls, you can think of this box as a crunch + lead channels sharing the same Eq. Due to a lot of controls on the Eq, the overdrive can either sound very bad or very good, it's up to you to dial in the tone who's best for your ears!

Bonus: The MetalFe(s)t is also very good on bass to generate fat overdriven tones!

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