Zoom GFX-5 Guitar Effects Processor



The latest from the masters of effects: It’s the new GFX-5. Solid steel body, easy-to-tag pedals, hundreds of possible effect combinations, drum machine, sampling—and that’s just the beginning.

The GFX-5 starts with 75 different guitar effects—each one completely rich and realistic. You can use up to 10 effects simultaneously, mixing and matching to create sounds that are all your own.

The coolest thing about Zoom effects pedals are the way you can mix up all kinds of effects and save them as patches. The GFX-5 comes with 60 preset patches, all of which can be tweaked and resaved, and enough memory for you to create and save 60 totally original effects sounds.

The GFX-5 also introduces a whole new effect: “Energize.” Energize boosts your tone over-the-top, adding power to leads, or lifting your rhythm playing above the rest of the band.

VAMS — Variable Architecture Modeling System On top of the nearly limitless effects possibilities, the GFX-5 has Zoom’s VAMS amp modeling which allows you to simulate 30 types of classic and high-tech amplifiers. From classic combos to latest high-power stacks, from warm overdrive to radical fuzz. The drive module has an additional Turbo and Edge key, as well as a warm, accurate acoustic simulation.

Built-in Drum Machine Perfect for writing and rehearsing, the GFX-5 comes with a drum machine built in. It features 60 different rhythm patterns are included, covering a wide variety of genres. The “Tap Tempo” control allows you to adjust tempo quickly and easily.

Built-in Sampler Built-in memory allows for recording up to 6 seconds. You can record a guitar riff, or record any audio phrase via AUX in. Then phrases can be re-played by 1/2 or 1/4 speed without pitch change—excellent for phrase training.

ARRM — Auto-Repeat Real-time Modulation Zoom has been making the finest expression pedals and effects to go with them for years. And the GFX-5 adds a new dimension with ARRM. This new feature allows the user to control modulation of typical expression pedal effects without using the pedal. For example, the user can adjust Wah speed using the tempo control, and synchronize it with the GFX-5 internal drum-machine.

User Friendly Design and More Like all Zoom products, the GFX-5 is simple to understand. The playing interface is clearly organized on the surface of the steel chassis. The three main selector pedals are well spaced, and feel great. The LED display is large and easy to read. It indicates patch name, patch number, parameter name and value clearly in any dark stage. Back-lit effect module switch shows what effect is on/off. The GFX-5 has a 4 band EQ, a presence control.

Finally no Zoom effect device would be complete without an accurate, easy to use built-in auto chromatic tuner. The GFX-5 has a dual power supply system that uses batteries or an AC adaptor.

  • Metal chassis
  • Expression pedal plus 3 assignable pedals
  • New “Energize” effects class
  • VAMS Modeling System
  • AARM adjustable expression modulation
  • internal drum-machine with 60 patterns and adjustable tempo
  • 75 effect types (10 simultaneous)
  • 60 preset patches / 60 user programmable
  • Six second sampler
  • 4 band EQ
  • chromatic tuner
  • powered by 4 x AA bateries or AD0006D Adapter.

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