Zoom G2G George Lynch "Mr. Scary" Signature Pedal



World-Class Sounds from a World-Class Talent

True guitar prodigies quickly emerge beyond their respective national scenes into the worldwide arena as a result of their exceptional talent and remarkable accolades. In light of his renowned abilities, Zoom has created the G2G signature effects pedal to showcase the varying tones of guitar virtuoso George Lynch.

Mr. Scary’s Creativity at your Disposal

George Lynch has inserted himself into the annals of rock history with a career spanning over 30 years. Largely recognized for his Grammy nominated work with hard rock / metal group Dokken, Lynch has also embarked on other collaborative and solo works to broaden his range of playing and creativity. Spending years expanding his repertoire to include blues, classical and techno-metal sounds, George Lynch has provided access to over three decades of his creative inventory with the G2G signature pedal.

Now anyone can emulate the famous guitar sounds of “Mr. Scary” and “Dream Warriors,” along with a variety of other tones. The G2G provides 40 patches (20 studio and 20 live) created by George Lynch himself along with 40 patches for the user to fill with their own creations.

When Inspiration and Expertise Come Together…

The G2G is based on Zoom’s G2 effects pedal and provides 32-bit processing and 96 kHz sampling, a built-in drum machine, a metal chassis, metal footswitches, three parameters per effect and the world’s fastest patch-switching. Designed with sounds inspire and plenty of room for your own creativity, this new signature pedal combines the style and feel of a rock prodigy with the effects expertise of Zoom.

  • 40 original patches by George Lynch himself (20 studio and 20 live)
  • 96 kHz sampling
  • 24-bit A/D/A conversion
  • New Zoom ZFX-3 DSP chip
  • 32-bit processing
  • 20Hz – 40kHz flat response
  • 120 dB SNR
  • 16 classic amp and stomp box models
  • 9 effect modules
  • 54 effect types
  • 40 user patches + 40 signature sounds
  • 6-band EQ
  • Includes a custom poster, patch list, specially designed pick and a greeting card from the artist

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