Zoom G1M Michael Amott Signature Pedal



Premier Guitar Sounds from a world-class player

True guitar prodigies quickly emerge beyond their respective national scenes into the worldwide arena as a result of their exceptional talent and remarkable accolades. In light of his renowned abilities and worldwide recognition, Zoom has created the G1M to showcase the varying tones of guitar virtuoso Michael Amott.

Amott has ravaged the metal scenes across multiple continents for many years. From his earlier days with Carcass to his more recent projects of Spiritual Beggars and Arch Enemy, Michael is known for sweeping, melodic leads, furious, heavy riffs and an affinity for twin guitar harmonies. As a result of his impressive resume and tonal diversity, Zoom has captured his favorite sounds in the form of the G1M signature effects pedal.

With 40 patches designed by Michael Amott and 40 patches for the user to fill, the G1M is based on Zoom's incredibly popular G1 pedal and features 32-bit signal processing and 96kHz sampling with a built-in drum machine and harmonized pitch shifter. It also includes a custom poster, patch list, specially designed pick and a greeting card from Michael Amott.

Designed with sounds to incorporate and inspire, this new signature pedal combines the style and feel of a rock prodigy with the effects expertise of Zoom. With the G1M, melody and fury collide for a full tonal onslaught.

  • 40 amazing presets by Michael Amott himself
  • Zoom ZFX-3 24-bit/96KHz digital multi-effects processor
  • 40kHz frequency response
  • Built-in drum machine and harmonized pitch shifter
  • 54 effects types / 8 modules
  • 80 patches (40 signature sounds and 40 user defined)
  • Operates on 4 AA batteries or included AC power adapter
  • Includes a custom poster, patch list, specially designed pick and a greeting card from the artist

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