Zoom GM-200 Guitar Amp Modeler



  • Faithfully emulates the sound of 11 legendary guitar amplifiers for home and project recording, rehearsal and selected live applications
  • Classic amp sounds include American Clean, Twin Drive, Blues Tweed, Class A Combo, British Crunch, British Drive, Combo 335, Metal Panel, Black Bottom, Modern Lead and Fuzz Stack.
  • Zoom's sophisticated VAMS (Variable Architecture Modeling System) technology
  • Vintage chorus, tremolo, tape echo, and spring reverb effects--all controlled by a single knob.
  • Output Character control adds more realism to the sounds by adding the optimum ambience and mastering-type effects
  • Gain and Master Level controls can used to adjust the intensity of the distortion settings, just like a guitar amplifier
  • ZNR (Zoom Noise Reduction) knob eliminates unwanted noise
  • 3-band tone control (TREBLE, MIDDLE, BASS)
  • GAIN switch accommodates guitars with active pickups
  • A MIX IN (stereo mini phone jack) lets you add external sources without effect processing to the guitar signal
  • A pair of RCA phono jacks in addition to the standard phone jack (stereo) eliminates problems when laying down a guitar track on a multi-track recorder

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