Zoom 504 II Acoustic



Acoustic Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal


  • More compact and easier to program than the original 504 Acoustic.
  • Features a sleek new design and easy analog operation.
  • A fully programmable compact multi-effect pedal for acoustic guitars.
  • Built-in simulator transforms electric guitar tone to that of an acoustic instrument.
  • Specially designed Acoustic effects (De-Amp, AIR & TOUCH).
  • Switchable Feedback Supressor automatically detects & attenuates feedback problems.
  • Unique "Air" Effect Recreates Ambient Sound Of A Miked Acoustic Guitar.
  • *"De-Amp" Effect Restores Guitar's Natural Sound When Used With Amplifier.
  • 4 Acoustic Simulators (Normal, Jumbo, Piezo, Classical).
  • 4 Reverbs; 4 Delays; 6 Modulation Effects.
  • *"Limiter;" "Edge;" "Body & Top" & More.
  • EMPHASIZER effect simulates resonator instrument tones.
  • Built-in auto-chromatic tuner.
  • Optional FP01 Expression Pedal lets you change volume effects dynamically.
  • Stereo line out/headphone out with master level control.

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