Zoom 503 Amp Simulator




  • Compact multi-effect pedal recreates the sound of classic guitar and bass amps with absolute authenticity.
  • Ideal for direct recording; playing through a home stereo system or maximizing the sound of a small guitar or bass amp.
  • Sophisticated amp simulator function provides a wide variety of different guitar and bass amp sonic characteristics and allows control over cabinet size, "ringing" and even simulated microphone positioning to get the exact sound you're looking for.
  • Two input jacks with different sensitivity levels let you match to any type of guitar or bass, including single-coil and active designs.
  • 10 different high-quality effects including chorus, delay, and reverbs for realistic ambient sounds.
  • Up to 24 memory locations to store user-created patches.
  • Built-in auto-chromatic tuner.
  • Aux input lets you use external audio sources such as CD players so you can play along with pre-recorded music.
  • Dual power supply design lets you power the unit with a 9V alkaline battery or an AC adaptor.

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