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The Superfuzz - Over the top fuzz. When Too much Fuzz is not enough!!

Some info on the Superfuzz:

The first units were made in a simple stamped sheet metal box, painted grey, with a blue Univox sticker on the top.

Around 1970 production was changed to a die-cast metal box, with a large pedal featuring a rubber cover that had the words “Super-Fuzz” embossed on it. The first die cast units were either grey or black, with a green or black foot pedal. Around 1973 or so, they were all produced with an orange pedal, with a green or blue foot pedal. The later models also featured an internal trim pot for controlling the octave balance.

I have included an adjustable trim to "nail" the octave balance as per the later units

  • Hand built in Melbourne, true to the original schematic.
  • True to the original early 70's design in every way, I have tracked down the EXACT correct transistors (very hard to find).
  • Board Layout is an exact recreation of the original schematic.
  • Quality components and hardware.
  • Tune-able.
  • Aluminium case three coats of enamel graphics and gloss coat.
  • Pedal power - standard Boss style.
  • Switchable tone.
  • Quality hardware and components.
  • Strongly mounted with 'roadworthiness' in mind.

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