ZenZero Electronics 2KP - Pre-Amp / Booster


ZenZero Electronics

The 2KP is the only pre-amp / booster you will ever need. Sweet, clean and bright or aggressive, dirty, and warm, the 2KP does it all.

Place it right in front of your amp and leave it always on: turn back the volume on your guitar to clean it up perfectly or turn it back to 10 to get all the gain and dirt you will ever need from your amp.

Or use it as a massive volume boost for that flaming solo: you will surely be heard.

Turn everything up over 3 o'clock and you have yourself a fuzz. Put before it a Tube Screamer and you have yourself an high gain distortion.

Everything is possible and it's super simple and intuitive to use: just a GAIN and a VOLUME that act exactly like the ones on a tube amp. That's all you need.

It's based on the MOSFET heart of the One Knob Pony and brings it to another level.

  • Handmade in Tokyo, Japan by an Italian guy.
  • Use only quality components with strict tolerances. I source locally whenever possible, but IÂ’m happy to use proven international top of the line components whenever needed.
  • True bypass by way of a 3PDT switch.
  • Original MOSFET based design.
  • Controls: GAIN (distortion) / VOLUME (overall volume)
  • Power: 9V standard negative center power supply ONLY. No battery connection available inside.
  • ECO: when active it consumes only 3mA of current!
  • Dimensions: 118(D) × 75(W) × 49(H) mm
  • Weight: 266g

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