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Yellowcake (about the v1)

A germanium fuzz, consisting of two socketed NTE 103 germanium transistors.

The bleed control knob limits the amount of input signal. The choke trim knob which also doubles as the yellow LED indicator, controls the amount of break-up from the pedal.

The level controls the overall output volume and the fuzz control adjusts, well, fuzz.


  • Custom etched aluminum enclosure
  • True-bypass switching
  • 2.1mm negative center 9vdc adapter plug
  • Also accepts 9v battery
  • Yellow LED/external trimpot

$165 US (shipping included)

Yellowcake (about the v2)

An adjustable gain Fuzz Face based Germanium/Silicon Darlington pair fuzz


  • Top Right Knob (Q1) - Controls gain of first Ge/Si Darlington pair

  • Bottom Right Knob (Q2) - Controls gain of second Ge/Si Darlington pair
  • Bleed - Controls level of input signal.
  • Fuzz - Fuzz
  • Level - Pedal output volume.
  • Choke - Voltage bias.


  • 9v Battery or 2.1mm negative center
  • 9vdc adapter.

All Aluminum enclosures are etched by me, and its rare that they come looking the same. Some may look a little "cleaner" and some a little "rougher". The sound however will be consistent. The etching process is a bit of labor from start to finish, but I feel it to be neccessary that these are to be made this way... All the while keeping this pedal affordable.

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