Yellowcake Furry Burrito Fuzz




An overdrive/fuzzy-ish type pedal. Sounds its best at medium to higher amp volumes.


  • Filter - Controls the amount of treble.
  • Gain - Controls the amount of an overdrive/fuzzy-ish, saturated type sound. The more the gain the more sustain.
  • Level - Pedal output volume.
  • Black Trim Knob - Overdrive type crunch.
  • Clear Trim Knob - Voltage bias that adds signal to the signal break up. Full voltage 9v. Smoother overdrive sound at full voltage. As voltage is starved from the circuit, a fuzzy-ish type breakup occurs.
  • Fat Switch - Adds some thickness.


  • 9v Battery or 2.1mm negative center
  • 9vdc adapter.


All Aluminum enclosures are etched by me, and its rare that they come looking the same. Some look a little "cleaner" and some a little "rougher". The sound however will be consistent.

The etching process is a bit of labor from start to finish, but I feel it to be necessary that these are to be made this way...

All the while keeping this pedal affordable: $185 US (plus shipping).



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