Yamaha UB99A Magicstomp Acoustic



Designed especially for acoustic guitarists, Yamaha's new Magicstomp Acoustic delivers a wide variety of powerful sounds and effects for studio and stage. Featuring 99 custom factory and artist presets, an automatic feedback eliminator, and a chromatic tuner, the new Magicstomp Acoustic also boasts microphone and speaker simulations, a headphone jack for private monitoring, and an interactive software based editor. In addition to a load of brand new effects, Magicstomp Acoustic also boasts sounds from our award winning DG, AG, and UD Stomp pedals, as well as our timeless SPX series of professional effects processors, all in a footprint the size of a portable CD player. An acoustic guitarist's dream box.

The key to Magicstomp Acoustic's power lies under the hood: a 24-bit A/D converter keeps your signal pristine, and a 32-bit DSP engine preserves the integrity of multi-effect chains. The Magicstomp Acoustic brings astounding clarity, punch, and definition to your guitar sound.

In addition to its built-in programming flexibility, you can easily customize Magicstomp Acoustic by linking it to your computer with the included USB cable. Within seconds of installing the included software on your PC or Mac, you'll be navigating through the Magicstomp Acoustic's editor. From simple level changes to compressor and EQ tweaking, the intuitive nature of the interface makes it easy to go as deep as your ears and imagination will take you.

The 99 factory preset sounds can be edited and then stored in any of the 99 user locations, in any order. Any three patches can be assigned to the Magicstomp Acoustic's heavy-duty footswitches for instant recall. The editor allows you to allocate any three parameter functions to the top-mounted control knobs (delay time, feedback, and mix, for example), facilitating "on the fly" adjustments - made easy on dark stages by the backlit LCD display.

The Magicstomp Acoustic's power will continue to grow for years to come. You can update and reconfigure your Magicstomp Acoustic via a constantly evolving database of artist and user patches found at www.magicstomp.com. Take advantage of the growing library of presets by artists such as Adrian Legg, Tim Pierce, Michael Herring, Mark Goldenberg, James Harrah, Sandro Albert, George Pajon, Jr., Clint Lowery, Mike O'Neill, Steve Mazur, and more. Got sounds to share? Upload ‘em. Curious what your neighbors are doing with their Magicstomp Acoustic? Download great sounding patches from the magicstomp community.

Flexible creativity - a Yamaha tradition - lives on in Magicstomp Acoustic. With Magicstomp Acoustic's award winning effects, Powerful mic/amp/speaker simulations, and simple programmability, you're free to express your acoustic vision where it counts - on stage and in the studio.

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