Yamaha GW50 Guitar Performance Effector



Whether you're in rehearsal, in the studio, or at a gig, wouldn't it be great to have everything you need for your sound in one easy-to-use unit?

50 High-Quality Effect Programs:
An enormous processing prower is packed in its compact size. On the stage and in the studio, it gives you instant access to 50 different preset effect programs. The programs have been created by top guitar profesionals and touch virtually every musical base, giving you just the right effect you need-whatever style you play. And with the convenient Pedal Switches, you can instantly switch between effects without having to take your hands from your instrument.

Multi-Effect Processing With Five Effect Blocks:
The heart of the effect section is its five basic effect blocks: Compressor, Distortion, Equalizer, Chorus and Reverb/Delay. Since the GW50 is a true multi-effect device, all blocks can be used simultaneously and can be connected in virtually any order. Various effect types, each with their own distinct parameters, are also available within the effect blocks.

Distortion Block:
The Distortion Block gives you four different distortion effects. A powerful "fat" sound, a warm tube amp sound, a tight hand-edged sound and a heavy sound reproducing the distortion of an amplifier stack, plus an Overdrive effect for reproducing the natural sound of an overdriven guitar amp.

Equalizer Block:
In the Equalizer block you not only have a comprehensive four-band parameter equalizer, but also Wah + EQ and Amp Simulator + EQ effects. Wah is a filter sweep effect that you can vary automatically, or you can control it yourself with a connected foot controller or with the level of your playing.

Amp Simulator Block:
The Amp Simulator on the other hand effectively recreates the characteristic sound of three different guitar amplifier types - Stack, Combo and Tube - providing a warm, natural sound for direct recording when not using an separate amplifier.

Chorus Block:
The Chorus Block provides several different kinds of stereo pitch and modulation effects, including two types of Chorus, Flanger, Phaser and a sophisticated Pitch Shift effect that lets you create subtle detuning as well as three-pitch harmonies.

Reverb/Delay Block:
The Reverb/Delay block not only gives you separate Reverb and Delay effects, but also lets you combine the two for even further processing flexibility. There's even a Tape Delay function that lets you "play" the delay time in time with the rhythm by tapping the Pedal Switch.

Comprehensive Effect Bypassing:
The GW50 also features an exceptionally flexible effect bypass switch system, letting you use the Pedal Switches to turn individual effect blocks on and off. You can also assign several effects to a bypass "group" so that the press of a single Pedal Switch turns all effects of that group on or off.

Creating Your Own Effects:
Create you own effect programs storing them to the 50 preset memory locations for later recall. All effects have extensive parameter control, yet are exceptionally easy to use. Convenient front panel knobs in each block allow control of main parameters making effect settings just as you would from a conventional pedal effect unit. If you need to make more detailed changes in an effect, sub parameters are also available. Use the Compare function for making editing effects easier.

Special Noise Gate:
All of the effects are fully integrated with the unit, the sound is exceptionally clean, clear and noise-free. However, since the guitar and connecting cord you use may not be as quiet as the GW50, a built-in Noise Gate has been included to filter out any undesired noise or hum and keep the signal completely quiet when you're not playing. The Noise Gate also has a special slow release to prevent the sound from cutting out unnaturally.

Realtime Performance Controls:
A connected foot controller, can be used as a volume pedal to control the volume of the input or output signal, at any desired point in the effect chain - or assign it to control certain parameters of the Wah, Distortion, Chorus or Reverb effects. Other performance controls include Minimum/Maximum Volume, which lets you instantly change between two pre-assigned volume settings with the press of a Pedal Switch, and Auto Volume, which gives you Pedal Switch control over automatic volume fade-ins.

248 Preset Rhythm and Accompaniment Patterns:
The GW50 has an advanced Backing section which puts an entire band's worth of musical accompaniment at your disposal. The Backing section starts with the Pattern mode, which provides a total of 248 automatic rhythm and accompaniment patterns. These patterns have been expertly programmed and cover a wide stylistic range. They even include variations and fill ins. All patterns use exceptionally realistic sounds to best match the selected style.

Sophisticated Chord Control:
Advanced chord control functions bring the patterns alive. Notes of the bass and instrumental accompaniment change automatically to match selected chords. There are 300 chords; 25 different chord types in all 12 keys. You can even assign bass notes other than the root, further extending the chordal possibilities. Chord Recall function lets you "play" any of these chords in realtime with the Pedal Switches. With Root Select, the chord root changes according to notes played on your guitar.

Song Recording Capability:
Bringing all the Pattern modes features together is the Song mode. With the Song mode, the rhythm/accompaniment patterns and chords are used to record your own songs. In this way, you can create and playback complete compositions over which you can practice or perform. Two different recording methods, Realtime and Step, are provided for maximum flexibility. Loop recording is also possible, letting you "overdub" events as a specified section of measures plays back repeatedly.

Editing and Arranging Tools:
The GW50 makes it easy to edit and arrange your recorded songs. The Mute function allows you to turn the drums, bass and accompaniment parts on and off individually. In recording, you can use this to bring instrument sounds in and out, creating sophisticated arrangements and textures in you song. The Retrigger function also adds "spice" by letting you record rhythmic "hits" or accents. Finally, Measure Copy and Delete functions provide quick and easy ways to rearrange your song in sections.

Backing and Effect Section Integration:
The Effect section of the GW50 can also be fully integrated with the Backing section. In other words, you can record effect program changes and effect bypass (on/off) changes directly into your song, so that when you play the guitar along with the song, the effects will change, too - automatically.

Pedal Switch Control:
The Pedal Switches of the GW50 let you control many different functions in the Backing section as well, including chord change, start/stop of pattern/song playback, playing of fill in patterns and ending pattern, and moving to other measures. There's even a Triggered Run function that lets you start playback of songs just by playing a note on your guitar.

Vast Musical Possibilities:
For practicing, it's much more inspiring and exciting to have full accompaniment behind you. Loop playback is a big help when practicing a certain part over and over. If you're a solo performer, song recording is a perfect way to fill out your live sound. Recording provides a musical "sketchpad" for trying ideas and quickly building them into complete compositions.With the wealth of chords and convenient editing features, it is exceptionally easy to quickly turn your inspirations into songs.

GW Memory Effect List:
Eight Styles: American Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Funk and Jazz, British Progressive Rock, 60's and 70's Rock, Rock'n'Roll and Blues, Special Trick Effects, Line Sound

GW50 Preset Pattern List:
13 Categories: Rock Pop, Hard Rock, Rock'n'Roll, Ballad, Funk, Dance, Rhythm and Blues, Jazz Contemporary, Jazz Traditional, Latin, Reggae, World, For Retrigger

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