Yamaha DG Stomp



The Yamaha DG Stomp is an innovative digital guitar pre-amplifier that puts the power and performance of the DG Series amplifiers into a rugged stomp box design. In addition to capturing the world's greatest tube amp tones, this powerful processor features cutting edge digital effects such as Compression, Modulation, Delay, Tap Tempo Delay, Reverb, Wah, and Vintage/Modern Speaker Simulations. The DG Stomp has a built in pedalboard that allows you to access the built-in guitar tuner and any of the 180 patches. Connect an optional expression pedal such as the Yamaha FC7, and you can control Wah, Volume, and 14 effects parameters with 8 at once in real time. The DG Stomp is also at home in the studio, boasting a 48K Digital Output for noise free direct-to-disk recording.

  • Electronic Circuit Modeling
  • 8 Amp Types
  • 16 Speaker Cabinet Types
  • Compressor, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Rotary, Tape Echo, 3 Reverbs
  • Tap Tempo Delay
  • Tuner
  • Expression Pedal Input
  • Digital Output
  • Stereo and Headphone Output
  • 4 Built-in Footswitches

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