Yamaha PH-100 Phase Shifter


  • Depth
    Sets the intensity of the phase effect. Rotate clockwise for a deeper effect.
  • Speed
    Sets the speed of the phase effect. Rotate clockwise for a faster effect.
  • Feed Back
    Adjust the amount of feedback applied. Rotate clockwise for a deeper effect.
  • Mode I/II
    Mode I produces a fairly orthodox phasing effect while Mode II produces a stronger, highly emphasized phasing sound.


  • Input Impedance
    1 MOhm
  • Output Impedance
    less than 2 kOhms
  • Current Consumption
    32 mA
  • Battery Life
    approx. 5 hours continuous
  • Power Source
    9V battery or AC adapter
  • Noise Level
    -95 dB (IHF-A), equiv. input. @ 0dB = 775mV, input shorted, Mode II, Depth at min., Feed Back at min.
  • Dimensions
    70 x 61 x 126mm (2-3/4" x 2-3/8" x 4-15/16")
  • Weight
    430g (15 oz) with battery.
  • Mode
    I: 4 Series Shifter, II: 8 Series Shifter
  • Speed
  • Feed Back

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