Xvive W3 Memory - Analog Delay




  • The stereo MEMORY ANALOG DELAY is a state-of-the-art design pedal that produces delay, chorus, vibrato, or rotary speaker simulation effects depending on the control settings. It has two modes of operation, DELAY and ROTARY. Bypass is direct; with a high 2.2M input impedance.
  • The DELAY control features a 600 msec. maximum delay time. It operates in the DELAY mode; in the ROTARY mode this control is disabled.
  • FEEDBACK adjusts the number of repeats after the initial delayed signal is heard. It can be set for sustained repeat oscillation.
  • BLEND mixes the dry and delay-processed signals from 100% dry to 100% delayed. It operates in the DELAY mode; in the ROTARY mode this control is disabled.
  • MODULATION SPEED sets the rate of the chorus, vibrato, or rotary effect modulation.
  • MODULATION DEPTH sets the amount of effect in all modes.
  • DRIVE LEVEL sets the proper input signal gain.
  • An expression pedal input can be used to control the delay time in the delay mode or the speed in the rotary mode.
  • Power is 9VDC from a regulated adaptor, center negative polarity.

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