Xvive Mike - EQ Pedal




  • New Spectral Reassignment Technology Nine Unique EQ Presets,One Neutral
  • LED indicator - Blue when active, Red when clipping
  • Nine unique EQ settings, 10th position is a buffered bypass
  • The MUST HAVE Pedal for all guitarists and Sound Engineers,New Spectral Reassignment Technology,Nine Unique EQ Presets,One Neutral
  • Take virtually any acoustic guitar signal and improve the sound instantly

If you put your ear where the guitar's direct output is picked up, it is no surprise that the quality of sound is poor - it comes from inside the body of the guitar, not from the room where the actual sound of the guitar should be heard.

Spectral Reassignment and the Xvive MIKE pedal fix that problem. Nine acoustic guitars were recorded, using the direct out and a nice ribbon mic at the same time.

After trying to find a single solution, we found a way to create equalization curves that spectrally reassigned each direct out signal to match the ribbon mic. The sound was so authentic that we knew we had found the answer.

The MIKE pedal is simplicity itself. Nine equalization curves that make up the difference between sound inside the guitar and the sound the guitar makes in the room.

The guitars range from jumbos to concerts to 12 string and nylon classical. Just plug in any acoustic guitar into the in jack, and the out jack delivers an equalized signal ready for use at the beginning of your signal chain.

Once you hear the mike pedal, you'll always want your guitar to sound this way. It also adds clarity to electric and bass guitars!

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