Xotic Scott Henderson RC Booster



The Scott Henderson Signature Model RC Booster is a newly refined pedal made in conjunction with Scott's two main goals; leave the amp EQ unaltered by the distortion from a pedal, and to prevent muddiness when using distortion with the front pickup, or playing chords.

To leave the EQ unaltered, the natural sound from the guitar had to be delivered to the amplifier unaffected. This means the amplified signal from the pedal must act like the amps natural overdrive.

Scott's complaint about boost pedals is they either have too much bass and no bass knob to control it, or they enhance too much of the lower mids, rather than the bass. When boosting low mids, the low end suffers and chord playing especially on the neck pick up, gets muddy. This pedal has resolved this issue with its balanced response of the low frequencies from the low to high strings. With this pedal, you won't loose the bass response and you'll be able to maintain a solid outline of the tone.

To review, the Scott Henderson Signature Model RC Booster passes the guitar's natural EQ along to the amplifier while enhancing the bass frequencies so that low-end is not lost and helps keep the distorted front pickup from sounding muddy and improves chord articulation.

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