Xotic AC/RC-OZ Boost/Drive - Limited Edition Oz Noy Pedal



Oz Noy's Favorite Boost/Drive Combo in a Single Pedal

Acclaimed guitarist Oz Noy has a secret recipe for huge guitar tone — run an Xotic RC Booster into an AC Booster. Thus the Xotic AC/RC-OZ Booster was born, featuring Oz's two favorite boost circuits in a convenient single-pedal format. The AC Boost ranges from subtle overdrive to gritty distortion — driving it with the RC Boost adds harmonics, gain, and presence, just like how Oz sets them up on his pedalboard. As a limited run of only 1,500 pedals, you'll want to act fast for your chance to grab two player-favorite boost/overdrive circuits in one convenient pedal.

Fortify your core tone with the RC Boost

If you've found your ideal electric guitar tone, the Xotic RC Booster circuit is the transparent boost you need to bump up your volume without changing your sonic character. You have a generous 20dB of boost available, plus a ±15dB range on the Treble and Bass EQ controls. Guitarists at Sweetwater find the EQ controls to be very effective at compensating for extra bass boominess the volume boost may cause, and also for matching the response for multiple guitars.

Add harmonics and sustain with the AC Boost

The Xotic AC Booster circuit has a wide enough gain range to use it as either a boost pedal or as a distortion pedal. High-quality components ensure maximum tonal integrity, which Xotic calls "a warm and pleasant sound." Use the Gain knob to dial in just the right amount of volume boost, from subtle to overdriven, then use the Treble and Bass controls to fine-tune your sound. Oz Noy loves the sound of the AC Boost being driven harder by the RC Boost, and there's a wide sonic range to explore between the two.

Xotic AC/RC-OZ Booster Pedal Features:

  • Combine's Oz Noy's two favorite Xotic effects — RC Booster and AC Booster — into a single pedal
  • Limited edition — only 1,500 total will be made
  • RC Boost circuit is a transparent boost that retains your core guitar tone
  • AC Boost circuit ranges from subtle harmonic enhancement to full-on distortion
  • Based on Oz Noy's rig, driving the input of an AC Booster with an RC Booster
  • 2-band EQ for each gain section to fine-tune your tone with any guitar
  • Can be run a 9V, or 18V for greater dynamics


Pedal Type Boost, Overdrive
Inputs 1 x 1/4"
Outputs 1 x 1/4"
True Bypass Yes
Power Source 9V/18V DC power supply (sold separately)
Power Usage 6mA
Height 2"
Depth 3.7"
Width 4.7"
Weight 0.88 lbs.

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