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XIX tech HMD-1 is not yet another boutique Boss® HM-2 clone.

Being a huge fan of the original pedal’s sound, I just couldn’t stand its imperfections and considered leaving it as it is as a crime against myself.

The main idea behind making HMD-1 was not to make “one more distortion pedal”, but to keep the original HM-2’s tonal characteristics and mojo while strengthening its weak points.

  • The gain control range is extended dramatically and now it’s fully controllable overall gain knob range from low-gain to the most extreme high-gain amount.

  • The volume control range is extended too, being very useful while boosting your cranked-up amp with HMD-1.

  • Internal voltage is increased up to 22V by modern high-efficient converter, providing more headroom and reducing overcompression while using industry standard boss-style 9V power requirements
  • HI-knob is renamed to MID, but the broad double peak – the coolest thing of HM-2 – was left untouched.

  • The unique FOCUS knob is added to control the middle point of the above-mentioned double peak: turned fully clockwise, the peaks are placed close to each other, on the same frequencies as in the original HM-2. Here the signature ‘swedish death metal’ sound begins. As the FOCUS knob is being turned counterclockwise the peaks begin to split up, with the lower peak reaching down as low as 400 Hz frequency. This pseudoparametric eq brings new colors in the pedal’s sound and can be very useful in a tight band mix and/or with a bass guitar.

  • The original Boss® HM-2 tonestack lacked the control of high frequencies, so the HIGH knob is added to control HMD-1’s highest band of frequencies. Now you have the ability to make the sound darker – or to add the buzz of raging beehive to it.

  • Loads of bass were a distinctive feature of the original HM-2, but while being used with bass guitar it cuts off the fundamental low frequencies. To fix this issue the BASS knob utilizes a unique combination of shelf and peak filters. Now you can boost sub-bass frequencies without losing the signature 80 Hz peak, so beloved by HM-2 fans.

All of XIX tech pedals utilize soft footswitch, clickless electromagnetic relay true bypass and lightweight bent metal enclosures.

For ecological reasons, our pedals do not accept batteries.

Besides these features there were a lot of technical improvements made, resulting in major improvements to the sound and functionality of the pedal.

In fact, the pedal was built from a scratch, but that was a path worth going. A left-hand path, for that matter.

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