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Xela Music FX is proud to offer the Vintage Metal boost pedal. This pedal is very closely based on a 1965 Dallas Rangemaster Treble Boost unit. These pedals feature a hand-wired circuit, wired on a terminal strip as the originals were. It features the same sound as the original, plus a switch for a Mid-range boost, and a Full-boost.

Here are some features of this pedal:

  • Terminal Strip Wiring
  • NOS Mullard Tropical Fish Capacitors
  • NOS Mullard Mustard Capacitors
  • Expensive ELNA Japanese Audio Electrolytic Capacitors
  • Hand-selected NOS Germanium Transistor
  • Switchcraft Jacks
  • Alpha Pots
  • LED Indicator
  • Carbon Film resistors for low noise and warmth
  • Silver Hammered Finish
  • Silent True-Bypass Switching

These do not have a 9v jack for a power supply. They sound MUCH better on a cheap carbon zinc battery and last several hundred hours. These are the ultimate tool for overdriving and getting the most out of your tube amps. They are in a different league than Tube-screamers and other IC-based overdrives. It will give your amp amazing sustain, liveliness, clarity, dynamics and TONE. It will also help you cut through the mix better. They clean up exceptionally when rolling back your guitars volume.

The 3-way switch as follows:

  • Middle- Treble Boost - Identical circuit and sound as the Dallas Rangemaster. Strong treble response, tight bass, upper mid-range bite.
  • Up - Midrange Boost - Somewhat similar to the TS-808 Tubescreamer sound but more organic, better defined bass, better dynamics
  • Down - Fullrange Boost - Boosts all frequencies, good at getting heavier sounds (Black Sabbath).

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