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Wren and Cuff

Ahh fuzz. Most guitarists have had a love/hate relationship with the repeated squashing, squishing, and mangling of a guitar signal commonly known as "fuzz". It's no wonder. Use it right, and you can have a tone smooth as velvet, with balls as big as an elephant. Use it wrong and you can have a muddy mess that disappears when the band kicks in, or a nasally buzz that sounds like a mosquito took up residence in your ear.

Well if you've been searching for the Holy Grail of fuzz, you have just found it.

What is the Pickle Pie Fuzz? The Pickle Pie Fuzz is my take on the great Way Huge Swollen Pickle. One of the things that I love about many of the Way Huge designs, is that they/Mr. Huge didn't butcher the designs that many of their pedals were akin to. A few tweaks here, and a nip and tuck over there, and then they/he knew when to stop. And they weren't afraid to modernize older designs, in a way that kept the older pedal's blue print crystal clear, but greatly improved it's performance.

So what does The Pickle Pie sound like? It sounds like you sifted through a hundred different Big Muffs, from many different production year's until you found one that had that special something the others didn't have. Then you took it over to best pedal-modder in town, had him/her give the tone knob a good tweak to greatly improve it's performance and usability, as well as a hand-full of other well thought-out mods, and then he/she gave you back the kind of muff you want to sleep with every night. This pedal is just plain awesome.

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