Wren and Cuff The Caprid - Legendary Distortion


  • Volume
  • Tone
  • Sustain
  • on/off (slider switch)


Wren and Cuff

Manufacturer's Description:

The Caprid is full-size recreation of the famed Rams Head BMP from the 70's. We took the best of four different Rams head circuits (yes there were four!) to create a girthy distortion monster that will plaster a smile on your face every time you plug it in. Yes the enclosure is a phenomenal recreation of the original units, but none of that matters if the pedals doesn't sound amazing. And it really does. Dripping with sustain and rich in upper harmonic goodness this is the muff you have been looking for if you crave the original Rams Head sound.

  • Original 3003_ style circuit board
  • All carbon composition 1/2 watt brown-tone resistors
  • Mullard tropical fish capacitor clipping sections
  • Standard 2.1mm center negative DC jack (Boss-type)
  • True hard-wire 3PDT bypass switch
  • Extra heavy duty enclosure built to take a beating
  • On/Off slide switch like the original units

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