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Wren and Cuff

Straight up distortion with a sound no other can touch.

This is my favorite straight-up overdrive/distortion pedal. I have spent a long time looking for a pedal that can fuzz-out my Strat's bridge pup, let me cut through the band without making anyones ears bleed, and respond to the dynamics of my playing, all while still managing to let my guitar sound like it should and enhancing what is great about my amp. I have found it in this pedal. This is not a bunch of hype, this is the truth.

This pedal is my take on The Craig Anderton TSF/Way Huge Red Llama circuit. I call it The Red Camel out of respect for the no-longer manufactured Way Huge Red Llama. I can't take the credit for coming up with this circuit, but I can build a top-notch, tough as nails, true-bypass version of it (The original Way Huge Red LLama was also hell-a-tough, true-bypass, and top notch)!

This pedal is unlike any other OD, fuzz, or distortion out there, and it is able to fit into all three categories depending on the settings. I'm a die-hard Fender amp guy, but what's cool about this pedal is that when its on, I can get elements of a Matchless, or a Buddha swirled in with my Fender tone. Lots of control from the guitar's volume knob. It really softens up the edges, adds in some low-mids, and gets a very "boutique" sound going, for lack of a better term. When my amp's volume gets cranked up, all these great overtones come out in a very musical way. I'll even get a wicked bit of oct-up that blooms from the Camel especially when I move up the neck.

This is not an "impress the customer at Guitar Center" pedal. The first time I plugged one of these into my practice amp at home I thought it sounded ok but was not blown away. But, as is often the case with pedals that stay on a players board after that "new shine" has worn off, I heard what was great about it by plugging in, and playing at full volume with the band. A true work-horse. During parts of songs in which I usually would kick on a clean boost to push the front end of my amp, I was able to get more gain by simply laying into the strings harder then backing off. Very cool!


  • True-bypass of course!
  • Top notch parts including poly film caps, metal and carbon film resistors,.
  • Genuine USA-made Davies Dakaware knobs.
  • Tough battery clip, shipped with a brand new 9v battery.
  • Lock washers on in/out jacks and pots.
  • Switchcraft Jacks.
  • One year warranty!

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