Wounded Paw Effects


    Wounded Paw Effects is owned and run by Preston Sims in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

    Timeline (by Preston Sims)

    • early 2007 - started building a few pedals from available schematics
    • summer 2007 - built some custom pedals for friends based on existing models
    • December 2007 - the Attack Goat Bass Fuzz version 1 is released, our first big design and successful retail model via our own online store.
    • April 2008 - a few Wounded Paw pedals including the Attack Goat are available in a physical store in Toronto, Paul's Boutique and, shortly after, at the online distributor Axe And You Shall Receive. Sales and feedback are both pretty good.
    • June 2008 - BassFuzz.com reviews the Attack Goat which gives a nice boost.
    • February 2009 - The Battering Ram is completed, the next big model. BassFuzz.com gives it a very good review and sales are up.
    • 2010 - Various versions of the Blender and Super Blender are released. They allow the parallel blending of different effects. More distributors are added, ToneFactor and Prymaxe Vintage.
    • August 2011 - The Black Sheep Bass Overdrive is released. Hopefully this will be the next hit. There is a Battering Ram V2 as well.

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