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The WormBurner Guitar Preamplifier is a high input impedance, very low noise, fast small signal amplifier. The preamp is able to drive unbalanced loads down to 600 ohms. with an output signal of about +20 dBv before clipping. The gain of the preamp is +1.5 dB minimum, with a gain range of 15 dB when active. The bypass is a hard-wire bypass.

The loading on guitar pick-ups is greatly reduced because of the high input impedence, making the preamp ideal for passive pick-ups. The tone and sustain is increased in many cases. Sometimes only the gain is increased. It depends on the guitar and / or whatever else you are using. The preamp can also be an alternative to replacing older pick-ups. One situation that stands out with the use of the preamp, is an acoustic guitar with passive pick-ups going to an inexpensive direct box. The preamp can be used on emulated outputs on guitar amps, and to reamp as well.

The preamp is not an effects or distortion pedal, it is transparent. It can make distortion thicker because it gives the preamp stage in a guitar amp a larger signal. It can also brighten up a clean signal.

The preamp does not use batteries. Higher DC voltages are required for optimum performance of the amplifier stage in the preamp. This is why the preamp uses 120 VAC, with the option of 240 VAC. ( As of yet, we will not ship to countries that require CE certification. This will come later.). The preamps are internally fused, and MOV protected. The preamp measures 6" x 4", and is 2 1/4" high plus knob and switch height.

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