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The Growl is an overdrive pedal designed for bass guitar. It offers a wide range of tones and has a sound that is reminiscent of vintage tube bass amplifiers. Although designed for the bass, it can be used with any instrument.

  • LEVEL: Controls the volume of the distorted signal. Use it in combination with the blend control.
  • BLEND: Blends the clean and distorted sounds together. At the lowest setting, the clean sound is sent to the amplifier, whereas at the highest setting you will hear nothing but distorted sound. Start at the max position and then adjust to find your sound.
  • BOOST: This control adds of volume gain of between 0 and 26db. Use it to give your output volume more power.
  • TONE: This band pass filter adjusts the treble and bass settings of the distortion. At the lowest setting, the high frequencies are boosted, whereas at the highest setting, it is the low frequencies that are enhanced.
  • GROWL SWITCH: The Growl switch acts on the frequencies above 4Khz, giving much more presence to the distortion, which will allow you to leap out of the mix and make your sound snarl.

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