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The WOBO MIDI Looper turns a set of pedals (or other effects) that cannot read MIDI messages into a fully working remote setup that can be controlled by any MIDI controller or sequencer. This includes guitar amplifiers in which the channel switching is done by standard latching footswitches. The WOBO MIDI Looper replaces the footswitch and lets you control a non-MIDI amplifier with your MIDI setup.

The WOBO MIDI Looper is specially designed for True Bypass switching of effects through MIDI data. Thanks to the gold contacts used in the relay designed specially for this purpose, there is absolutely no impact on your sound. The configuration of the inputs and outputs extends the use of the looper, which can also be used as an A/B switcher for choosing either the signal receiver (e.g., between two amplifiers) or the signal source (e.g., between two instruments). Using the WOBO MIDI Looper you can switch the amplifier channel by means of the “channel” socket connected to the “footswitch” socket of the amp. The MIDI Looper “channel” socket replaces the standard latching footswitch and is activated together with the FX loop.

The actions of the WOBO MIDI Looper are controlled by MIDI messages received via the MIDI socket. The MIDI Looper can receive a “Program Change” message on any pre-defined MIDI channel. Programming is very easy – you only need to select the "on"/"off" state of the fx loop for the last “Program Change” message received. The 3-digit LED display allows you to check the channel number on which the last “Program Change” message was received and which MIDI channel has been chosen for the reception of the “PC” message.

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