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The Inverter is a True Bypass looper that lets you swap the order of two effect or sets of effects without the having to unplug them (e.g., you can have a wah-wah plugged-in before a distortion pedal and with one step you can switch the distortion pedal to precede the wah-wah). The unit contains two True Bypass loops that allow changing the signal path, which can go through any of the plugged effects in the following order:

    IN -> Effects A -> Effects B -> OUT

or after switching INVERT on:

    IN -> Effects B -> Effects A -> OUT

The major improvement in a WOBO Inverter is the use of a relays instead of switches. Most switch based bypass devices use components that are simply NOT DESIGNED for switching audio signals. The relays used in the Inverter have been specially designed for switching high-quality audio signals so that there is absolutely no impact on your sound.

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