WOBO Buffer/Booster



This is great pedal for a clean boost to your guitar sound. It has been specially designed to give a clean, transparent boost that doesn't change your sound in any way. Its small dimensions makes it easy to add to your stage rig (8x8 cm).The Buffer/Booster also changes the high impedance of the guitar signal to low, which lets you use long guitar cables and many True Bypass effects without minimal loss of the audio signal. The Boost function amplifies the guitar signal for solos or to give greater drive to effects and/or amplifiers that follow it.

As this unit is always on (either buffering or boosting your signal), it doesn’t need True Bypass. When the boost is turned off, the Buffer/Booster works as a buffer. When it is turned on, it boosts the signal. And it changes the impedance buffering any effects that precede it in the signal chain.

The Buffer/Booster does not have to be at the beginning of the chain. But when it is, it adds additional drive to distortion/ overdrive effects or a valve preamp placed after it. When it is at the end of the effects chain, it simply increases the overall volume. This makes it a very versatile unit for all types of playing styles and guitar/effects/amplifier configurations.

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