Wake Me Up Music OD Pedal


Wake Me Up Music

The WMUM OD PEDAL exceeds all expectations of what a 'boutique' overdrive pedal should sound like on stage and in the studio. With reference to the infamous TS808, each pedal is hand-built & hard-wired with the highest quality components piece at a time at the WMUM workshop in Singapore, Asia!

This pedal is capable of treble boosting functions that produces a clear, transparent, warm, toneful boost similar to a tube amp breaking up...to screaming hi-gain overdrive while retaining your guitar?s natural tone. With controls like Drive, Tone, Volume and Pre-Gain, you are able to dial in your desired tone, accurately responding to the dynamics of your playing, without compromising or sapping original signal.

The rest of the controls being self explanatory, the ?Pre-Gain? knob sets this pedal apart from the industry's standard. This knob essentially alters the gain and frequency response, at the same time enhancing the upper harmonics with sweet sustain. Each pedal is handcrafted, etched-painted & serialised at this point of time (the makers will begin mass silk-screening process end of 2004). This is truly a versatile pedal with all the necessary ingredients for clarity, articulate bass, gain range and dynamic response. Give your guitar a new voice with the WAKEMEUPMUSIC OD pedal today!


  • True bypass switching with bright white led indicator using the industry standard 3PDT switch.
  • Metal film resistors for precision and low noise.
  • Non-electrolytic / tantalum capacitors in the audio path for reduced coloration
  • Hi quality turned pin sockets for easy user mods of the opamp chip.
  • Low noise high bandwidth operational amplifier used for extra clarity and punch.
  • Full size UK made Meggitt pots - for durability and excellent turning feel.
  • 18 volt operation OK ? Pedal can be operated from 9 volts to 18 volts for discerning players with higher headroom needs.
  • DC jack socket and 9V battery enabled.
  • Cast aluminum enclosure, another industry standard.
  • Each pedal is handmade, serialized, signed & dated by builder himself.

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