WMD Arcane Preamp



WMD Devices offers the brand new Arcane Preamp, a two channel pedal that offers awesome fuzz tones and a whole lot more. The first channel is a low gain boost that brings out the soul of your single coil pickups and adds a little dirt to your tone. The second channel activates the fuzz circuit. The fuzz has tons of gain and amp-like EQ to fine tune your sound. The boost channel drives the fuzz channel so the gain of the boost effects the sound of the fuzz. Combined the two sides create a mind blowing fuzz boost experience. The fuzz side is very high gain so even a small boost is sure to yield some very fuzzy sounds.


  • True Bypass
  • Channel Selecter Switch
  • Boost Channel Gain
  • Fuzz Channel Gain
  • 9V Battery or Boss style 9V Adapter (not included)
  • Fuzz Channel EQ Knobs

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