WMD is run by William Mathewson, owner/engineer/designer/PR/janitor. They are located in Denver, CO, USA.

    Timeline (by William Mathewson)

    • October 2007: conceptualizing the Fatman Envelope Filter.

    • Spring 2008: sent out Fatmans as demos and got a few dealers on board.

    • October 2008: finished the Geiger Counter design and started on a run of 80. Got an order for 25 and knew we would make it.

    • June 2009: redeveloped the Fatman into the Super Fatman using better technology and manufacturing processes. Also received a great review in Premier Guitar magazine.

    • February 2010: added insulation and a ceiling to the production/development outbuilding garage. Installed a door with doorknob, the old door was a 1938 sliding garage door. It was very cold in the winter time.

    • May 2010: added more power, lights and bought a milling machine.

    • May 2010: a great review of the Super Fatman in Vintage Guitar. Hired first full time employee up from part time.

    • January 2011: attended and exhibited at the NAMM show, upgraded to RoHS compliance in manufacturing. Started conceptualizing the Geiger Counter Pro.

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