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Dubbed the WMA - Wah (World's most affordable wah) The WMA is the worlds most affordable hand built boutique wah pedal on the market. Handcrafted from only the finest components available. In true Wilson Effects fashion there is also plenty of options when deciding which version of the WMA you would like to purchase.

The base model is available with a Wilson wah inductor or dual NOS SOD style inductors. I have a limited quantity of the NOS inductors available so when the supply is gone it's gone for good. You also will get three external controls. One for growl,

sweep range and mid-range. There is also an internal volume control to control the output of the wah.

The second option is to have a Wilson inductor as well as 2 NOS inductors available to you via a toggle switch located under the output jack side of the foot treadle. This keeps the toggle switch out of harms way and allows you to toggle between the 2 inductors for 2 amazingly different wah tones.

You will also receive the three external control knobs that are included in the base model as well as the internal volume control.

Of course if you wish to customize your W.M.A. you may do that as well. Just shoot me an email and feel free to add options to your W.M.A. It's that easy!

Below you'll find a few videos demonstrating the different options and inductors available in the WMA.

So what about my fuzz pedals you ask. The WMA has an on board output buffer that makes this another intriguing option.

Now you are starting to see why the WMA is the Worlds most Affordable Wah. Aside from being fuzz friendly it is true bypass as well, has enclosed Switchcraft input and output jacks and it runs off the industry standard 2.1mm center negative power supply or a high quality 9 volt dc alkaline battery. On top of all of this it also comes with a cleanable potentiometer that is standard in all of our inductor based wahs.

If you happen to have any questions about the WMA or any other Wilson Effects pedal please feel free to contact me via the Contact form on the site.


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